Imperial College: Silwood Farmhouse

Silwood Farmhouse is situated in the grounds of the Silwood Park Estate in Sunninghill. The existing buildings are a complex of grade II Listed buildings, built over time and physically linked. The existing buildings were in very poor condition, in part structurally unsafe, currently uninhabited and incapable of occupation.

CSK Architects were appointed by Imperial College to prepare a restoration and development plan for the buildings to bring the buildings back into use, to create a single occupancy residential building with a common conjoined use.

The Brennan Group were awarded the contract to deliver the project. The surrounding area of the site, owned by Imperial College, has an academic research usage with the farmhouse located towards the centre of the site surrounded by woodland and adjacent to a lake.

There are a number of listed buildings attached in series to the dwelling; these are all ancillary to the main house. The intention was that each of these is utilised within the design to provide a full and cohesive usage ancillary to the whole development.

Work was carried out to several buildings including stables, a hayloft and a seventeenth century timber barn.

‘Brennan are impressively proactive in their approach to construction management, often solving the inevitable issues that arise before the client has to consider the issue. They are also very aware of cost pressures and have always provided beneficial value management through construction process’

John Anderson
Director of Investments
Imperial College London